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Born from the intuition and continuous research of Pastificio Fabianelli, our pasta, in addition to having excellent organoleptic properties, helps to preserve health, facilitating digestion and the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. High quality durum wheat from a certified supply chain of Tuscan and Italian farmers meets the purest water of our land to offer a product that respects man and the environment.

The scrupulous selection of raw materials is only the first step of this wonderful journey that the Fabianelli family has been handing down with passion and dedication for over 150 years.

Path that culminates with bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperature, in order to keep the nutritional properties of the grain intact and giving the pasta a scent, texture, flavor and roughness that are a real joy for the palate.

Everything starts from Tuscany: here high quality durum wheat is grown, here the spring water flows to knead the semolina, here is the modern factory where the pasta is processed and bronze drawn, here the ancient art of the Pasta Masters for over 150 years.

Tuscany is the soul of this pasta, which contains its authentic and genuine essence. The selection of the best durum wheat, grown according to the most correct agronomic techniques of integrated agriculture, is a guarantee of quality and a starting point for a short supply chain entirely developed within the region. Here, to be exact in Castiglion Fiorentino, an enchanting village near Arezzo overlooking the Tuscan hills, the Fabianelli family carries on a passion, that for pasta, which was born in 1860 and has been handed down for four generations since then. bring to the table the authentic flavor of the most loved dish of Italian cuisine.

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