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List of products by brand Oleificio Toscano Morettini

The Tuscan Oil Mill Morettini is one of the most advanced companies in the national panorama for the production, packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oil.

It all began in 1950 from an intuition of Armando Morettini who, at the end of the war, obtained a license to trade food products from the Municipality of Monte San Savino. The area where he lived, the Valdichiana, was in fact rich in producers of quality Tuscan oil and other foodstuffs, so he began to select their best products, load them on his cart pulled by a bicycle and market them to the families who lived in the countryside. . Armando's inspiration, passion and dedication in carrying out this activity quickly found success and, consequently, the door-to-door of the early years was replaced by a permanent job in the markets and fairs, managed with the constant support of his wife Elvia.

It was no longer Morettini who went to the customers, but the customers were looking for Morettini.

A fundamental element for the success of the oil mill is the fortunate location in the heart of the Valdichiana, on gentle hills characterized by favorable soil and climatic conditions that allow the presence of many varieties of olive trees: frantoio, moraiolo, leccino and corregiolo.

For almost seventy years, our priority has been to guarantee a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a perfect balance between all its flavors. The basis of the entire production process is represented by the direct and indirect collaboration with numerous oil mills in Tuscany and central Italy, identified over the years for the quality of their olives and for the ethics of their work. This careful selection work allows the production of a Tuscan oil with a different balance between fruity, bitter and spicy with which we can satisfy the tastes of individual markets and individual customers, offering a catalog full of many brands each characterized by its own peculiarities. Among these stands out the San Savino brand which was born in 1986 and which today represents one of our leading oils.

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