List of products by brand Boscovivo

Boscovivo was born by Alfredo Landucci and Franca Bianchini in 1982.

It all began with the passion and love for a product of the earth known throughout the world as the diamond of the kitchen: the truffle. Over the years, in addition to selecting and promoting the authentic Italian truffle, the inspiration of the Landucci family has given life to a wide range of products, with truffles with a unique flavor.

In 1992, on the occasion of the conference organized by Boscovivo “Does French Cuisine have Tuscan Origin?” The Le Ricette di Caterina line was launched, under whose brand there is a rich range of traditional Tuscan products.

The heart of Boscovivo's business is the continuous improvement of products and the satisfaction of customer needs. The excellent quality of Boscovivo products has been recognized by the highest authorities in the Italian and foreign culinary sector, receiving numerous awards.