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San Girolamo beers are born from the ancient wisdom in cultivating the land, the love for its finest fruits and the meticulous care in every phase of production. All the scent of Tuscan nature and the strength of its history of courage forge the character of this company which is located on the sunny hills of Arezzo. Here, tempered by the north wind and caressed by the mistral, the most vigorous hops and the most golden barley grow, which a few meters from the plantations transform their fruits into the nectar of the "agricultural spirit" of San Girolamo. The long agricultural tradition of the Giannini family is combined with the most ardent passion for beer of the two young master brewers who have collected the legacy. A zero-meter natural alchemy, the pride of quality in the world of one of the finest beverages in human history.


The name of the agricultural brewery originates from the Saint to whom the ancient family chapel dating back to 1700 was dedicated: San Girolamo. A recurring name in the Giannini family which today seals an activity that pays homage to its long history and tradition. In a land of arms and battles, a place of eternal clash between good and evil, a good spirit but with a terrifying aspect has always remained to protect the house and guardian of his fortune. Right there, on the facade of the chapel you can still see the ancient coat of arms that depicts it: a bas-relief mask that represents an ancient Christian symbol. A spirit casts out demons which today is also the symbol of the agricultural brewery and its "agricultural spirit".


The company is located in the heart of the Valdichiana, at the foot of the Cavadenti hill, where the water from which our beer derives its clarity is born. A corner of paradise from which you can see the mill adjacent to the brewery as well as the ancient chapel and the home of the master brewers who live and work here. Opposite, the view opens onto the hops grove and all around the silvery expanse of olive trees. Not far from the barley plantations. An enchanting place to visit and where you can also taste freshly brewed beers in a unique atmosphere.


The beer is obtained from the marriage between our golden barley and the finest hops. In fact, only the best are harvested and only when they have each reached the right degree of ripeness. A perfect alchemy made such by a small secret: expert control of the entire production chain; this is what gives our beers a unique and intense aroma.

But first the barley is ground and immersed in hot water to allow the enzymes present in the heart of the grain to transform starches into sugars. Then the threshers, or the now exhausted barley, are filtered to obtain clean must.

Only during the boiling phase is the selected hops added, then filtered through the whirlpool or vortex. At the end of the process the must rests in vats for about a month where its fermentation begins. Finally, the beer is bottled with a very small addition of sugar to create co2 inside and only after another three weeks can it be finally enjoyed.

Only the patience and care of each single phase guarantees the quality of San Girolamo beers. In fact, the processing cycle lasts about 2 months and the reuse of exhausted threshers in the nearby farms guarantees the sustainable cycle respecting natural processes.

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