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Camperchi is located in the heart of the Tuscan hills, near Arezzo, and produces high quality wines, the synthesis of the perfect balance between the great Tuscan tradition and the most innovative technology.

Camperchi means "Fields of Hercules", because a temple dedicated to the mythological hero stood here in ancient times.

But the context and the legendary references are just some of the elements that give Camperchi wines a particular energy.

The main ingredient is the love for the territory and our passion for wine, which allow us to keep the soul of Tuscany intact in every bottle.

Tuscany is the Italian region where the winemaking tradition has best maintained its continuity.

Located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the northern Apennines, it enjoys a typically continental climate

which allows our vineyards to best express their character.

Sangiovese is the most important indigenous grape variety, used to produce some of the greatest wines of this land.

The vineyards have their roots on rocky hills between 400 and 600 meters above sea level and are mainly exposed to the south.

Treated with the utmost attention, their cultivation takes place through high-density plants (6000-8000 plants per hectare), to ensure low yields and high quality of the bunches. Each Camperchi vineyard has a distinct personality, which gives the grape unique characteristics.

The cellar is the beating heart of Camperchi: the magical place where the oenologists follow the entire process of transformation of the must into wine. The great Tuscan tradition, represented by conical wooden vats, blends perfectly with the most modern production technologies of large steel vats.

At Camperchi they do everything to respect our grapes. They harvest each bunch by hand and only use non-invasive production methods.

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Chianti - Camperchi
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Chianti - Camperchi

Chianti - Camperchi - First Selection - DOCG

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