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List of products by brand Sapori Della Valdichiana

Sapori Della Valdichiana is a family-run business that for over 50 years has been offering typical food products such as porchetta, hams and sausages, all seasoned in a natural and organic way.

The company was born from the dream of Aldo Iacomoni, butcher and breeder who in 1960 opened the butcher's shop in the central square of Monte San Savino, a beautiful hilltop village in the Arezzo countryside, to sell the meat of the animals he raised with love and passion.

The success of the flavors and the quality of the meats achieved an echo throughout Tuscany. The need to expand production gave birth to Sapori Della Valdichiana, his company which today exports the authenticity of the authentic flavors of Tuscany abroad.

True connoisseurs cannot help but appreciate the art perfected by Aldo in choosing, cutting, stuffing and cooking the best pieces of meat, whose flavor conquers hundreds of customers every day.

The company has distinguished itself over the years thanks to the offer of products obtained from pork meat of Cinta Senese DOP, its tasty organic products and thanks to the processing of the precious Chianino beef IGP V.B.A.C.

Since 2016 Aldo has enriched the production with the processing of the “Tuscan wild pig”, a fine meat that has obtained the supply chain certification.

Immersed in the pristine hills of the Valdichiana, they carry on the food tradition of this ancient land, keeping the traditional production systems intact with constant attention to hygiene by subjecting all stages of production to the most sophisticated controls.

With patience and love Aldo Iacomoni raises his cattle with vegetable flours, locally grown cereals and acorns from the surrounding woods.

The passion and desire to pass on the authentic flavors of his land to subsequent generations led Aldo to the recovery of a breed that is almost extinct: Cinta Senese pigs whose farms come from the woods near Monte San Savino in Tuscany.

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